Company introduction

Company introduction

Since October, 1972, Surabul Travel Agency started trave service which is the first in Daegu and Gyeongbuk area. Surabul agency took a role a front running man of travel service. 1985 it introducted 22 buses to run with comfortable service.
Since 2013, it was chosen as a Attracting Foreign Patients travel agency, and became a member of Daegu Medical Tourism Promotion Association in 2015. Especially it was designated as a Attracting Chinese Travellers travel agency by Korean government.
Surabul Agency provide high-quality service of Korean travel, and chance to experience Korean Traditions. We are keep trying to provide high quality service and become a leading company of Medical Tour.

Business contents

- Attracting Foreign Patients travel agency by Ministry of Health and Welfare
- A Member of Daegu Medical Tourism Promotion Association
- Attracting Chinese Travellers travel agency
- Smart Medical Tour Information CenTer
- IATA Flight Ticket Service
- Korean Train Ticket Service
- Foreign Travel Service
- Korean Travel Service

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